Southampton Hockey Club has Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) status.

This allows the club to claim back basic rate tax on qualifying donations from individuals. Individual donors can claim Gift Aid and where applicable higher rate tax relief on the donations. When you first make a donation to the club we are required to confirm that you are a UK tax payer and you need to complete the Gift Aid form, subsequent donations are covered by the same form.

Corporate donations also qualify for tax relief in the donor company, we cannot however claim any additional tax back from HMRC.

Donations, have to be just that, and not related to any form of 'reward or service' provided to a member. Therefore there is no linkage between individual donations and personal membership costs.

If you are able we would welcome your support, you could possibly:
•Set up a small regular payment to the club
•Donate your travelling expenses
•Donate your umpiring expenses
•Run a fundraising event and donate the proceeds
•Remember us in your will

If you would like your donation to be acknowledged on the club website please let the Treasurer know.


Gift Aid Form